Thursday, February 16, 2012

SharePoint #2

My list "Why I hate SharePoint" is getting longer by the minute.

Upon moving pages into folders, SharePoint ignores folder-structurs over all.
For example:
"Basesite -> Index"
is displayed correctly.
but, when I create a folder and move the index page into this folder the following is diplayd:
"Basesite -> Index"
instead of
"Basesite -> Folder -> Index"
Okay, I might live with this issue, since in the navigation (which I have to build manualy, 'cause automated navigation is screwed) I am able to correct this issue.

Next I noticed, if I try to change a page title, it get's ignored too.

I tried to use it as a compensation for the broken page-display, but....

I edited the title of a page inside a folder to:
"Foldername - Pagename"
Which is displayed correctly in the page options. But not in the HTML-title-tag.

This is definatly a WTF!

SharePoint, screw you